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Can Font Orgànic’s history of has been written for over 9 generations of farmers established in the family farm located between the Serra de l’Albera and Cap de Creus in the Alt Empordà. At present, with the experience gained thanks to past generations and the hope to leave a better environment for the future, we have developed an agricultural model called REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE. A work system that allows us to continue cultivating the same crops as our grandparents: vineyards, olive trees, cereals, orchards, almond trees and pastures, but using the latest scientific and technological advances. Our contribution to the family farm has been based on the application of different tools such as permaculture, Keyline design, holistic management, microbiology reproduction using systems such as the natural Korean farming, the use of vegetal ground covers , no-tilling farming and mineral balance of the soil.

Can Font Organic’s

history of has been written for over 9 generations

Our goals and the reasons we carry on each day, are based on practicing and spreading an alternative agricultural model to the conventional one. This model socially allows producing nutritious and healthy foods as well as environmentally contributing to the mitigation of the climatic crisis and the processes of desertification thanks to promoting the capture of atmospheric carbon and the regeneration of the ground. And finally, a model that economically promotes a dignified life in the country.

This model includes spreading, which is the reason why, at Can Font Orgànic, we share our knowledge, our successes and our mistakes, with the aim of actively communicating the development of a more respectful agricultural model for the planet and for the people living on it. Our communication is not only unidirectional through this website and in articles in different media, but we also welcome farmers, consumers and students at our farm and share with them all the agronomic practices that have led us to obtain the results for which we are known

We have visited and helped with important figures from the organic world such as Dr. Pilar Andrés, Darren J. Doherty or Joel Salatin, among others.

Over the last few years, we have been lucky enough to receive such important figures in the organic world as Dr. Pilar Andrés, Darren J. Doherty or Joel Salatin among others. Friends who, with their knowledge and experience in the world of regenerative agriculture, have helped us build the current project. We have also been fortunate enough to be able to work and get to know different successful projects such as Australian farms Peace Farm (permaculture), Melliodora (permaculture), Clearevale (holistic management), Jillamatong (holistic management), Mcivor (holistic management and Keyline) as well as many others.


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