Can Font Orgànic is a people-based project, which now consists of grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren, three generations of farmers together with the upcoming generation to whom we hope to entrust our love and passion for one of the most beautiful trades on the planet. Overall, more than 300 years caring for the land.

One of the pillars of our farm, on which a large part of our present actions are held, is the experience and ancestral knowledge of our grandparents and grandparents. We have been very lucky to be able to use this knowledge passed on from generation to generation, but we also have the great responsibility to continue with this transmission chain. It is also thanks to our grandparents, the Font-Gayolà and the Rovira-Ribes, and their courage to acquire the land in the 70s after decades as sharecroppers, that we can currently practice our activity. 

Can Font is now a modern farm thanks to our parents, whose passion and ingenuity over the past 20 years have fostered an intensive agricultural model creating all kinds of fundamental and efficient machinery. They are, without a doubt, ultimate responsible for achieving an agricultural model that is economically viable and with constant growth. Their creativity has converted Can Font into Can Font Organic, a pioneer farm in the use of technology applied to agriculture, developing new work systems such as GPS-guided plantings or the installation of underground irrigation in all kinds of crops.

familia can font


It is the experience and ancestral knowledge of our grandparents and great-grandparents.

This transformation into an organic farm has been possible thanks to the current project managers Nuri Madeo and Francesc Font and their three children, who have spent some years visiting and working in different places on the planet such as Australia, learning the organic techniques that are currently applied to the farm. This knowledge is spread to many farmers of different types of farms and geographical areas, either  Can Font Organic farm or moving to the different farms that consult them. If you are interested in this type of expert advice / experience, please fill out the contact form that you on this website.


Francesc Font

 (Agricultural technical engineer):

Farmer and agricultural technical engineer, training in permaculture and design of farms (REX with Darren J. Doherty), holistic management, Keyline design, soil regeneration, natural Korean farming  and knowledgeable about the whole technological package proposed by the agri-food industry thanks to many years of experience.

Apart from managing and working at Can Font, he is co-director of Agroassessor Consultors Tècnics S.L, co-founder of Organic Managers and technical director of the Son Felip and Algaiarens farms in Menorca.


He is also a lecturer, occasional writer and collaborator in different media such as Es Diari de Menorca, in the farming section Coses “Modernes“.

“Our nonconformity has led us to turn a chemistry-based farm into an organic and completely sustainable model. To accomplish this step, we have had to encourage our own family and unlearn part of what school, university and modern society have taught us in recent decades. Aiming at leaving an even better project than the one we have found and at being a legacy to our children and future generations.”


Nuri Madeo

 (Agricultural technical engineer):

Agricultural technical engineer, with continuous training in the management of fruit trees and great connoisseur of this crop.

 Self-taught in the organic farming systems, she has attended Master Classes taught by Darren J. Doherty and Joel Salatin, trainings by Jairo Restrepo and Luis Carlos Pinheiro Machado, and last but not least, the trainings given by Andreu Vila , Josep Ramon Saez de la Maza or Manel Badia.

She has collaborated in different technical seminars at the University of Girona, as well as in many schools and secondary schools throughout Catalonia and the Balearic Islands. It is precisely the latter, the young students, who are the future that has to teach us to regenerate the soil, as the people of our generation taught our parents and grandparents to recycle.

The dedication and observation, and above all the love for nature have helped us to see with our hearts and to transform the farm into a better space for everyone. I admit I know the chemical strategies that are available and I have sometimes used them and I believe that this is what helps me to see more clearly where things need to be changed in order to achieve environmentally and economically sustainable agriculture. Nonconformist with everything that surrounds me, I always look for a better and more adequate solution in each situation, because I want a better world, environmentally, socially and economically speaking. My goal is to leave a better world for the future generations, especially for our three children, but also to leave a better society for the world that has to come.”


c/ Mar 5

Pedret i Marzà

17493 Girona



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